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Diamondprox interviewed by place2play
We are glad to present an English translation of an interview conducted by place2play with our very own jungler Daniel Reshetnikov, more known as Diamondprox, where he talks about conclusions they have made after Season Two World Championship, sheds some light on possible changes in the way one would jungle in Season Three, evaluates push strategies and pinpoints their next objective.

Unlike SK and you haven’t been streaming and been active in social networks while practicing with the team. During Season Two World Championship you have shown two-three strategies featuring your core heroes. What was left behind the scenes? What other heroes did you intend to incorporate in your play?

We have shown the most valid, in our opinion, strategies against particular line-ups and their actions. Not enough? We’ve had only five games, even though we’ve managed to reach the semifinal stage of the tournament. We would have shown more interesting plays, if the bracket would have a more adequate shape.

Why you as a jungler had decided to focus on play LeeSin and not, for instance, Skarner? Was it due to his ability to solo Dragon at level three-four or were there other reasons?

In my view, this hero fitted our team composition the most. Skarner needs the play style that differs from the one we had been practicing before the tournament. Objectively speaking, Nocturne and others would have less useful than Udyr and LeeSin.

You have been following replays of Korean teams and have been following the Asian scene in general. Did they manage to alter their play or have TPA just outplayed you?

A lot has changed. They’ve come up with strategies we didn’t know about and heroes that weren’t featured in the replays we have watched. They weren't better than us. That’s the most disappointing part.

Next to none, but a lazy person, haven’t commented about your performance on Russian community web sites. I bet you have watched the replays of your games and have analyzed your mistakes. From a professional point of view, what were the real reasons behind your defeat in the semifinal?

The amount of stupid mistakes made by us in the last games was over the roof, therefore we have lost. Besides that some of our picks weren’t that good. Like Shyvana – I сonfess. Moreover we have underestimated Nidalee, but that escalated only due to the mistakes we’ve made and our dual lane being outplayed.

I have noticed in the latest tournament games as well as in ranked games that push strategy has been getting more popularity. Do you think that it will become a trend for the next six month and what can be done to counter it?

It is just another way to play League of Legends. It has become popular in Asia, since teams have just copied it and regarded it as the best one out there. So far they’ve been using it quite successfully. This trend has afterwards spread outside of Asia. Provided that Riot Games don’t feel sympathetic towards such dynamic of the game and take actions to promote it by implementing push-oriented changes, this trend won’t last for long. There is only one option to counter it – you shouldn’t lose too much during the lane phase, you must have one or two heroes that can effectively counter push against two to three opponents, besides that you must have a solid Dragon and Nashor control and proper warding.

IPL5 is coming up, with TPA being one of the participants. Are you ready to pay back?

Let’s see whether they step their game up or not. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be a problem for us, provided that our own play doesn't deteriorate.

Many of your fans accuse you of not training enough and not streaming. What do you think of this popular belief that you should stream 24/7? Are there any real benefits from doing so?

Players don’t benefit from streams at all. You just get distracted, especially when you play team ranked. Even though we care about our fans, we won’t deteriorate our practice on purpose. Moreover we stream solo ranked games quite frequently.

You, as one of the most popular junglers, must receive a lot of questions. Have you ever thought of making a guide about jungling?

I do get questions and I answer the ones I can. I might have wanted to make a guide, but I’ve never really got an opportunity to do so, because it is very time consuming process. It was never really requested from me either.

In one of our former conversations you have mentioned that Nocturne should build Berserker’s Greaves and Doran. Aren’t AS runes and Lantern enough for him?

You either build Greaves and Doran or you get a Lantern. First option is better for ganks and an early Aegis, the second is better for sustain in the jungle and farm of Dragons and Nashor.

As soon as Snoopeh made a video about his favorite jungling hero Amumu, thousands of players have been picking him more frequently. As it turned out, he is really powerful and can fit into all line-ups thanks to his ultimate. You don’t pick him just because he is easy to counter-jungle?

Who told that I don’t use him? I’ve been mastering him for a while now. I’ve never heard about Snoopeh making a video about Amumu though.

Have you heard any details, related to jungling in the third season?

I’ve heard that the income of a jungler might be raised. It is a good initiative, but I hope that other lanes won’t benefit that much. I am sick and tired of getting just one out of three camps, while solo mid heroes have mana and their own, most convenient, lane for farming.

Do you think that changes in jungling are necessary? If yes, what would you prefer?

I’d make jungle provide more gold and experience, but I’d make it more complicated to farm, so monsters wouldn’t die from a couple of auto attacks, but would require a couple dozen of seconds to be executed.

What is the aim that you share with your team?

The main objective has always been a victory at the upcoming tournament and I am personally going to stick to it.
27.10.2012 18:30:30
Diamondprox IS Lee Sin <3