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LoL roster leaves Moscow Five
It is not a secret that Moscow Five from the very beginning  was financed solely by Dima Brave, the founder and the leader of the project. During the course of two years M5 has become the most titled and the most well financed project in the history of Russian eSports. The budget consisted of not only salaries of numerous staff members and players, but also expenses related to the attendance of LAN events, organization of boot camps, improvement of infrastructure and other project related activities.  In May 2012 M5 has signed a sponsorship  agreement with BenQ and MSi, who covered some of our expenses - it was a significant step forward. In the following month Dima brave was arrested in Amsterdam by the request of the American government, therefore the sponsorship funding has become the only funding for Moscow Five, so the pure existence of the organization was at stake. That was the time, when Konstantin "Groove" Pikiner has stepped in to become a temporary leader of the project, until the return of Dima. It was a heavy burden to deal with the internal financial crisis and to resume the development. It was necessary to acquire an additional sponsorship in a very short time span, but, unfortunately, Konstantin was not able to do so. Consequently, we had to split paths with several gaming divisions. Today, unfortunately, our very last LoL team has to leave the project as well.

We would like to thank Mark Averbukh, our former editor-in-chief, who wasn't afraid to face the challenge and has been committed voluntarily for over than half a year. Moreover we would like to thank Ruslan, our programmer, who was also ready to assist us for several months, while not asking anything in return.

We would like to thank M5.LoL players, who have declined several offers from solid foreign organizations that have offered conditions much better than M5 was able to. We believe that the information about their future will be revealed really soon. We know for sure that they will able to make it to Intel Extreme Masters Katowice.

We would like to thank our general sponsor BenQ, who have acted professionally in every aspect of our cooperation. We are grateful to our another partner MSi as well.

In the end we would like to thank our supporters, the people we've been working for all this time. We believe you know whom to thank for the existence of Moscow Five, for the moments of joy and happiness you have shared in our victories. Dima Brave, our founder and leader, is obviously the person we have in mind.

With the loss of League of Legends roster the project is basically becoming inactive, but there is a possibility that in the nearest future Moscow Five shall resume its activity.

10.01.2013 15:56:34
so sad

Dimon where are you/
10.01.2013 16:44:53
No, is really ?
10.01.2013 20:24:25
hey guys, i'll adopt u all !!