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M5.BenQ to WCG Russia 2012
The representatives of Russian WCG-committee have announced this year's participants for the Russian qualifiers in DotA 2.

We would like to remind you that our currently disbanded M5.BenQ roster (PGG, Admir, Vigoss, Silent, Bloodangel) has advanced to the finals of Russian qualifiers. Additionally, some other teams made it, too, including Garaj Gaming which gathered players from Empire, Na`Vi and under the tag. Recently, the organizers of WCG Russia have contacted M5.BenQ's former captain Vladimir "PGG" Anosov who told them about the team being unable to attend the qualifier with the same roster. With this said, the committee had no other choice but to replace the squad with some other team.

zNation, who was defeated by now disbanded M5.BenQ during the online-qualification round (2:1),  was invited to take the spot. Now, consider these two facts: 4 players of zNation's ex-roster are now representing M5.BenQ; WCG rules allow to make one single replacement in a course of a tournament. So, that is how in the end of the day M5.BenQ will face Garaj Gaming in the finals of Russian qualifier.

Moscow Five organization comments on the matter:

We are grateful to the representatives of Russian WCG-committee and glad to tell the fans of our team that M5.BenQ's participation in the battle for the spot in WCG 2012 Grand Finals is now guaranteed. The players will gather at our base some days before the tournament for practice which will be held up to the finals of the third StarLadder season.

M5.BenQ's DotA 2 roster:

ru.gif Igor "Nexus" Lysykovskiy
ru.gif Ilya "STALIANER" Drugov
ru.gif Aleksey"Solo" Berezin
ru.gifАндрей "Dread" Голубев
ru.gif Vadim "Sedoy" Musorin